a senior in the U.S. has a fatal fall



a senior is treated in an ER for a fall-related injury

The Kami Care Approach

Kami Care was designed with the sole purpose to help individuals understand and minimize the detrimental risks associated with falls, while respecting their privacy.

Kami Care is able to extend the confidence and quality of life for more seniors to age in place.

Seniors living alone

Naturally as we age, muscles weaken, balance diminishes and reaction times slow. As a result, accidents at home are an unfortunate but true and a common risk for seniors.

People with Dementia

Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia put seniors at higher risk of falling due to visual-spatial challenges, gait changes, poor balance, memory impairment and more.

High Fall Risk Individuals

Whether due to a surgery, joint replacement, stroke or brain injury or even people taking four or more medications at one time, life’s challenging moments require extra support.

Kami Fall Alert System


Seniors do not have to wear uncomfortable gadgets, nor remember to charge them

Does not require elders to press buttons after a fall

Keep care circle up-to-date with senior safety

Real-time video event confirmation

Affordable and simple to setup at home

The Kami Fall Alert System keeps you connected and informed of any fall activity that may occur with your loved ones. The system uses artificial intelligence to detect when an actual fall happens in real-time and will urgently dispatch an alert to those in the care circle.

Our system will allow you to further assess the situation of your loved one with live view and 2-way audio. Rest assured, our technology is secure and fast, providing you with the necessary peace of mind.

Our installation process is easy to set up in the home. Kami fall detection sensors can be placed, either mounted to walls or placed on stationary surfaces to immediately activate fall detection.

These privacy centered, web connected fall detection sensors, can determine when a fall happens. An alert is instantly sent to the care circle along with the video explaining the fall, so that help can be provided right away.

Key Features

Alerts for care circle

Privacy centered

Post-fall video

Live view

Up to 30 days video
history stored

2-Way Audio

The results-driven Al technology from Kami Care

Designed for the home, the Kami Fall Alert System, works faster and makes more accurate predictions than other solutions especially for fall detection.

Reduced false alerts

Because you can verify someone has actually fallen down using the app


Captured post fall video is immediately available


Video is only stored when a fall is detected & follows strict privacy standards


We don't listen to or store audio files, for your privacy


Kami Fall Alert System captures each fall to let the care circle evaluate the reason someone fell and prevent future accidents


Never miss a critical event because of a mis-placed wearable device or a device that is not charged

Privacy Matters

Privacy Matters

Privacy is just as important to us as it is to you. We don’t take it lightly that you’re trusting us to monitor your dearest loved ones. That’s why we ensure your privacy and data security are top priority with advanced authorization controls, token based authentication, encrypted calls and videos and more. We never store your audio or video data unless a fall is detected.