No Monthly Contracts

Get 24/7 professional monitoring on your terms, with no expensive contracts.

Flexible Installation

Easy device setup and installation makes your home securely monitored in minutes

Best Monitoring

Emergency dispatch 3-4 minutes faster and with fewer false alarms

You're Covered

Delightful customer support standing by 24/7

Faster Emergency Response Time
Cove's exclusive RapidSOS emergency dispatch integration could reduce emergency response times by an estimated 3-4 minutes.
4/5 Dispatchers Would Recommend a Security System with RapidSOS*
*Based on survey conducted by RapidSOS to emergency dispatchers from May 5, 2020 to July 5, 2020.
RapidSOS is better than directly calling 911 because instead of only verbally relaying and manually inputting all critical
information from the monitoring center to 911, Cove can send data directly to 911 centers using RapidSOS.

Individualized Household Data

Life-Saving Health Information

Precise location data

Choose your Package



Starter Plus


Total Life Safety


100% cellular backup

The 100% cellular Touch Panel monitors each sensor's hourly heartbeat signals while continually self-diagnosing so you don't have to worry about wi-fi signal drops or outages.

24-hour backup battery

With a 24-hour backup battery, you don't have to worry about weather outages that may cut off power to other security systems.


If thieves open a window or try to disarm your system, our live monitoring agents will communicate to you through the panel, text, and phone call so the system is not vulnerable to attacks like traditional systems.

Two-way audio communication

If something's not right they will send a verified alert to authorities who respond — faster.

A security system that fits your needs
  • Door & Window Sensor

    Protects your doors and windows. We recommend one for each exterior entry.

  • Security Key Remote

    Easily arm or disarm your security system before you even get to your door.

  • Smoke/CO Detector

    Triggers when there's a fire or if your home drops below freezing temperatures.

  • Motion Detector

    Detects motion in an entire room. It's pet-friendly, too.

  • Kami Mini

    See what's happening inside your home anytime from your mobile device or computer. Get alerts when your camera detects motion.

  • Kami Doorbell Camera

    Know exactly who's at your door. Save the faces of friends and family in your Kami Home App.

  • Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera

    View everything happening outside your home with a truly portable camera that's easy to install and has flexible viewing angles.

  • Insta Text

    Know right away, right from your phone. With InstaText, you can receive and respond to emergencies within 2 seconds via text message. No bots here — you're communicating directly with our award-winning monitoring station.

  • LiveAssist

    Cove LiveAssist turns your panel into a two-way communication device. It's live, 24/7 coverage and instantaneous contact with the police, medical, or fire services you need.

  • 24/7 Live Alarm Monitoring

    Connected, no matter what. Most DIY home security systems rely on spotty home WiFi networks. Not Cove. We use cellular technology, so you never lose contact, no matter what.

A single integrated app for your home security

  • Instant AI powered alerts
  • Entire home monitoring
  • Two-way audio
  • Arm / disarm remotely
  • Recorded video history
  • Most important videos on top

Best of Both Worlds


Monitored by professionals

5 year contract, monitoring costs $50-100/month

Hardwired, needs landline

Poor 3rd party ratings


Monitored by professionals

No contracts

No credit history check

Wireless, no drilling or landline required

Great rating on Google Reviews

Easy to setup yourself in no time

No professional installation required


No professionals to alert first responders

No contracts

No credit history check

Average cost comparison over 5 years
4.8 out of 5 Stars

Kami Home App

Download the Kami Home app, connect your device, view and share moments within minutes.

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