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Help your loved ones safely stay at home longer.

36 million seniors fall yearly, with 3 million requiring emergency care for fall injuries – they may also next need costly senior living solutions.

Fall Detect sends real-time alerts if your loved one falls – with 99% accuracy. No false alerts. Rest easy knowing they’re safe.

A Quick Response Can Save a Life

Receive alerts in real-time if your loved one falls. Fall Detect by KamiCare helps seniors enjoy independence longer in the comfort of their own home.

24/7 Fall Detection

Around the clock detection even in low-light conditions.

Real-Time Alerts

Get real-time alerts if your loved one falls. No false alerts.

Live View

See live room video on your mobile device.

Two-Way Communication

Instantly talk to your loved one to check if they are ok.

Emergency Response

Verification by human. Emergency help button and pro monitored emergency service included.

Unlimited User Sharing

Authorize others to receive real-time alerts and communicate directly to assist.

How Fall Detect Protects Your Loved Ones
Who needs Fall Detect by KamiCare
Seniors Living Home Alone

Seniors face higher fall risks due to aging muscles, diminishing balance and slower reaction times.

People With Dementia

Seniors with Alzheimer's and dementia may have visual, balance and memory impairment which may increase fall risk.

High Fall Risk Individuals

Whether due to surgery, joint replacement, stroke or brain injury or increasing medications, natural aging may require extra support.

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Questions? Talk to a live agent (844) 255-1934 | 5AM to 7PM PST | 7 days a week
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Questions? Talk to a live agent (844) 255-1934 | 5AM to 7PM PST | 7 days a week
Fall Detect Benefits
Maximum Accuracy. 99% of falls detected.
With AI technology, Fall Detect by KamiCare ensures 99% accuracy. No false alerts. Previously only available for professional care providers in senior living communities, KamiCare is now available for residential, personal use. Kami is the first in the world to bring this technology to consumers.
Hassle-free Setup.
Get set up in minutes! Fall Detect works on WiFi and any standard electrical outlet. You’ll receive a video with simple, step-by-step instructions.
Privacy Guaranteed.
All video is fully encrypted to protect your loved one’s privacy. Only approved family or caregivers can access.
Completely Non-intrusive.
Alternative solutions like wearables can be cumbersome or need batteries charged, and seniors may forget to wear them.

Fall Detect is never intrusive.
Works Day or Night, in Any Light
Fall Detect sensors are designed to work in any light to detect falls – even at night.
Our Mission.
Our mission is to bring cutting-edge in-home care solutions by using advanced technology such as Artificial Intelligence.

KamiCare was designed with the purpose of helping individuals understand and minimize the risks associated with falls. Help your loved ones stay independent and safe at home longer.
Kami Home

Kami serves businesses and consumers around the world. Our proprietary AI software and video technology are used by millions of businesses and customers, for everything from home security to elder care.

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