Identify persons that matter the most
Face recognition capabilities support a database of 100,000 local configured and stored faces.
Automatically filters and displays the most optimal face capture. Eliminates duplicates.
Know your store better

Allow yourself to merchandise your retail environment smarter and data driven. Isolate in store customer paths through computer vision tracking.
In store time calculation, heat maps and product engagement rates are just the basic features our retail solution has to offer. Cameras paired with sensors lift your business to the next century of AI-based smart retail.

Secure and in real time

Edge computing makes our modular solutions extreme fast.
Benefit from insights as they happen. Our AI based algorithms support your future retail planning capabilities. Just like a neural network build up and leverage several local data touch points.
Real-time processing on the edge is key in privacy protection, no data is shared. Reduced bandwidth allow fastest in class cloud computing capabilities.

The power of more

Multiple touchpoints allow you to collect insights between the lines.
Go beyond information collected from stock and sales numbers.
Fill the blanks with data based decision making and benefit from intelligent hardware, AI-based intelligence and mobile terminals.

Check retail insights from anywhere at all times.
Connect the dots from the palm of your hand.
Black and whitelist capabilities.
Set up a thesis and check if your assumptions are right.
Local stored person recognition capabilities.
Know your customers favorite location in your business & visualize it with heatmaps.
Professional solutions for multiple industries
Clothing, restaurants, catering, all things have a complete solution
New retail clothing solutions
The core value is to help the store's marketing promotion. Through face recognition technology, we actively recognize each customer who enters the store, understand customers, mark and analyze each customer to achieve personalized marketing and improve sales conversion rate. Through the analysis of product attention, data analysis of the placement effect of the product and the attracted customers is provided to provide data support for new product trends and product display. Accurately analyze store operations to help stores identify their strengths and weaknesses, and improve weaknesses to increase revenue.
New Retail Catering Solutions
Through face recognition technology, combined with intelligent hardware and edge computing, to achieve a quantitative analysis of the efficiency of the front office staff, through more reasonable personnel arrangements, to achieve cost control. Through functions such as real-time supervision, departure alarm, and standardization of the operating procedures of kitchen service staff, food safety is guaranteed and higher quality services are provided for users.

Kami Vision provides you the tailored Smart Retail solution you have been waiting for. Inquire more information about modules, pricing and lift your business to the next level. Contact us at

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